Our Jewelry


d'ears jewelry is made by us right here in the U.S.A. from coated blanks of thin steel or brass. The wired earrings and pendants are embellished by hand with hypoallergenic silver-plated copper wire


d'ears' unique manufacturing process makes our jewelry stand apart in quality, durability, and potential for artistic expression.

Unlike traditional printing or painting, we use a special ink that is embedded into the finish.

The team at d'ears has worked very hard to perfect the imaging process, developing the richest color and sharpest image quality to bring depth and excellence to each product.

Due to the handcrafted process, there may be some variation in the image colors and in the wire embellishments


The artwork and images used are either works made by us (the owners), collaborating artists and photographers, or public domain works (Van Gogh's Starry Night).

The Picture to the right is Alaso, son and gradson of d'ears' owners, launched his artistic career at the early age of 3 with his colorful painting of primary colors. He is very proud of his work, and excited to show it off on d'ears earrings.


The jewelry is lighter than it appears, yet very durable. All of d'ears products are guaranteed against any chipping or scratching of the image. Our company boasts the durability to be greater than that of car paint.

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